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Massage is a unique experience for each individual .
a health history form will be required for you first visit.
Military discount available.  $10 off one hour or longer massage!

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20 minute massage (specific area)                                                       $20
Experience a massage focused only on the head and neck. A great massage for a time-challenged individuals.                                                                                                                                                         30 minute massage                                                                                  $30
Experience the relaxation of an upper body massage. Focusing on the stressed points of the upper body helping reach full relaxation.
1 hour massage                                                                                       $55
1 1/2 hour massage                                                                                 $80
2 hour massage                                                                                       $110
Sugar scrub                                                                                              $75
Lavish your body with this exfoliating body sugar scrub with natural extracts that leave the skin spectacularly clean. Beginning with a gentle dry brush, body shampoo and a sugar scrub, followed by a moisturizer for an all over deep hydration.  
Hot Stone Massage (1 1/2 hour massage)                                         $110
Stones are filled with vitality and energy, sensual aromas and are placed on the key energy points. Feel the healing powers of hot stone therapy. A complete mind, body and soul experience everyone should try.
                                                                              Prenatal (1 hour massage)                                                                     $55
Prenatal massage specifically tailored for mothers-to-be. Smooth strokes and gentle touch ensure total comfort and complete relaxation. Massage is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.
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